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Hair Trends

It’s a paradox that young girls strive to look older and the older ones strive to look younger! Having said that the ideas for cool haircuts and hairstyles for girls are endless as also are their moods: from chic asymmetric haircuts to sleek ,classy bobs, and from messy, voluminous hairstyles to neat updos. There are exciting hairstyle options for the ‘good girl’ and the ‘funky party-goer’ in you.

All said and done, it is never too early to find a style and a cut that ups your beauty and confidence irrespective of your face shape, hair texture, length, and colour. For the daring, who want to make a rebellious statement, brightly coloured hair or cuts with interesting angles and shapes are what you need. Girls who love natural-looking hair prefer dreamy waves and braids. Hair colour options range from bold with statement highlights or colourful shades to balayage techniques to lighten your hair in a subtle ‘I-am-naturally-charming’ way.

To begin with, get that subtle difference between haircut and hairstyle before you take your pick from the many trends currently rocking with the teens.


Depending on the length, texture and persona, choose cuts  that range from fade haircut to layered hair and more.

1. Asymmetrical

If you want to have fun with your hair, then dare to go for the asymmetrical haircut that  is defined by its unusual angles and is shorter on one side than the other. Though it can be adapted to various hair lengths, it works best with shorter and thicker hair. And of course an edgy attitude!

2. Bobs

Touted as the  most popular short hairstyles for women, Bobs come in a variety of fun cuts- from a pixie bob with long bangs to a layered or a stacked bob for more drama or even a long bob haircut, known as lob. Add an extra dose of fun with highlights. Both cute and easy to style, bobs are timeless picks for the young and trendy.

3. Layers

Looking for taming thick tresses? Layered haircut is the answer.  Looking for volume and glamour? Layered haircut is the answer. What you will love about layering is that it can be done on various lengths and textures. For thicker, longer hair, it can remove the excess weight. For thin and fine hair, it can add the illusion of volume and texture. Regardless of the length, layering as a haircut technique is popular as it adds definition, volume and movement , giving your hair a full, healthy look. Also it can give you multiple styling options.

4. Sleek Perfect Cut

If sporting healthy hair is your trend-pick, go for minimal texturing, shaping and layering to leave it naturally healthy and sleek. Works best for shoulder length hair.


From spiral and loose braids to crazy unicorn looks, hairstyles for teenage girls can truly run riot in terms of inventiveness.

There are many hairstyling options for young girls ranging from cute hairstyles to short hairstyles and new hairstyles all of which  involve various levels of maintenance and styling time. From a simple braided hairdo, a bubble ponytail, loose waves, long wavy hair with bangs, or a lob to short Bantu knots or passion twists, the hairstyling options for girls can never follow just one direction.

1. Colouring techniques

From simple highlights to the newest balayage colouring technique for your strands, colour can add a whole new look and enhance your haircut with an interesting palette.

2. Beach Waves

 Tousled and gorgeous, beach waves are most appealing when you want that carefree, relaxed look while still looking pretty. The softness of the waves adds that extra touch of feminity.

3. Hair Down with Twists

When seeking a dreamy look, go Boho. Hair down with twists is a simple hairstyle, easy to create and has dollops of feminine codes. Leave your hair long and loose and gather it at the sides with twist, giving your face a beautiful, artistic frame.

4. Braids

Braids are a timeless addition to hairstylessimply because they are so flexible. Edgy and cool, loose and undone, dreamy and Boho, glamorous and sophisticated, braids can help achieve a striking, charming look and  can be adapted to your hair texture, length and face shape. From the ‘ready-for-music festival’ look to the soft, pretty charm, braids can make a great style statement.

5. Bubble Ponytail

Forget the regular ponytail. Time to add some bubbles! One of the fun styling trends, this hairstyle is similar to a standard ponytail but with extra hair elastics tied down the length of it, creating several small ‘bubbles.’ enhance your naturally thick hair or make thin and fine hair appear fuller. A hassle-free updo, this hairstyle can create a ‘fuller’ look besides reeking of the ‘young and stylish’ vibes.

6. Messy Space Buns

A fantastic God-sent solution to tame curly or wavy hair, space buns are super cute, casual and fun to wear.The two tiny buns on either side of the head  can leave some tendrils falling on either style to complete the ‘oh-so-pretty’ messy look. Play with the thickness of the tendrils to achieve the sweet and youthful or a more dramatic look. Once you get around the style, you will fall in love with it.

7. Curls

Curly hairstyles can be as glamorous as bangs or waves. You can flaunt your natural curls or get yourself a perm for a look that gives a playful feel.

Whatever hairstyle or haircut you choose, you can still add a unique twist to make them more personalized- more uniquely you.



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