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Care for Curly hair

It’s no secret that curly hair gets a whole lot of your moods and sweat to fix it: and yet it can still poof out, frizz up in ways you won’t be happy with! Especially when you don’t have time on your side!

Well, the secret to happy curly hair care routine is a combination of both care and styling.  We’ve rounded up tips and hacks. Browse through them, master them and get ready to  live your best curly life!

Care for Curly hair

1. Never over-shampoo

The bad news is that curly hair is prone to being dry. The good news is that it can do with lesser shampooing! Excessive shampooing opens up the cuticles and strips curly hairs of their natural oils! So avoid over-washing while still ensuring that you cleanse the scalp well.

2. Avoid alcohols and sulfates

The best shampoo for curly hair  is one that is sulfate-free and alcohol-free. These are the ingredients that really dry out the hair (and are also harmful in other ways), so you want to avoid them in your curly hair wash routine.

3. Replenish moisture into the curls

Nice and hydrated- that’s how your curls love them. Include deep conditioning and oil treatments into your hair routine and you would love your ‘moisture-dripping’ curls. You can slather your curls with a palmful of coconut oil before shampooing. Works wonders.

4. Don’t brush curly hair

Do your curls a favour. Get rid of that brush! Only comb your hair with a wide tooth comb before your shower, or gently finger comb after the shower. Wet hair is more prone to breakage, so be super patient and gentle if you’re combing it wet.

5. Say goodnight to frizz

Overnight frizz often leads to tangles and breakage in the morning. Try using a satin/silk pillowcase as your curls can get stuck and knotted on the rougher surface of a cotton case.


Styling for Curly hair

1. Choose low-heat

Excess heat can rip your curls of their natural shape and bounce. If you do use hot styling tools, use them on moderate heat setting and always use heat protectant.

2. Try Plopping

For soft, natural curls,  try plopping-a technique that uses a T-shirt to dry your curls in a self-contained mound on top of your head to help them stay springy and defined. In fact, plopping is the key to smooth, defined, frizz-free curls.

3. Quick glam

If you’re pressed for time, you can use a diffuser to dry your hair. Flip your head upside down and hold the diffuser steadily to your scalp—don’t move it around too much, because all the escaped wind can make the hair frizz.

4. Avoid hairsprays and mousse

Crunchy curls are a big no-no  besides the extra load of alcohol present in  most hairsprays and mousse products. Go for curly hair products that pamper your curls with softness and hydration.

5. Opt for a curl-expert hairstylist

Give your curls the best hands ever- a professional hairstylist with previous experience in working with curly hair, who truly understands the curly, wavy hair to recommend long or short curly hairstyles and haircuts. The plus is that an amazing haircut which looks great with your naturally curly hair is not only time-saving but can make you even walk the red carpet!



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