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Skin Care

As seasons change, we all are familiar with switching wardrobes. But do we switch skincare that needs a different approach with the changing weather? Of course, wearing great skin is a desire cherished by all of us, no matter the season. However, your daily skin care regime may suddenly stop working its magic. Ever wondered why? In fact, there’s a logical answer: the changing of seasons. The skin is influenced by seasonal changes and different conditions like heat and humidity, or lack of it. With every new season, your skin requires a new skin care routine to combat the specific conditions of that time of year. You can visit nearest Jean-Claude Biguine Salon to get a customized treatment based on your skin type.

Follow these pros and cons of each season to keep your skin looking great throughout the year.

Fall Skincare

With cooler weather and drier air, you need to feed your skin with more moisture than the summer months.


  • Use products that won’t dry the skin. Gentle, hydrating cleansers are advised
  • Choose a moisturizer that provides intense, continuous hydration.
  • Switch from lotion to cream. As the air gets drier, skin needs a more intense moisturizer.


  • Don’t neglect the hands. Invest in a hand cream to ensure soft skin all winter long.
  • With the onset of daylight savings time, you may be sleep deprived. Don’t ignore your beauty sleep as sleep deprivation may cause fatigue, tired skin.
  • Don’t forget the sunscreen.


Winter Skin care

Winter weather can be harsh on your skin. With extremely cold and dry conditions, your skin requires a lot more nourishment to prevent cracking, chapping, irritation and skin conditions.


  • Moisturize to protect the skin from dry, harsh, cold air. Always helps to apply moisturizer directly after bath or shower to help lock the moisture in while nourishing the skin with the necessary water and oils.
  • Choose a cream cleanser that won’t over-dry the skin.
  • Pamper the hands by using hand creams and wearing gloves in extreme cold.


  • Don’t skip the sunscreen routine. Winter sun is harsh and can lead to burns.
  • Avoid long hot showers as hot water can strip the skin of its natural oils and lead to dry skin.
  • Don’t ignore the lips. Use lip balm with a high SPF.

Spring Skin care

With the coming of spring and warmer weather and the increase of pollutants and pollen in the air, the skin may erupt into allergies, itching, rashes or inflamed skin. Use skincare products that cleanse the skin without disturbing the moisture balance.
While you may not have to fret about dry skin this season, you will need to restore the radiance lost during winter.


  • Brighten up your skin by following a daily cleansing routine to rid your skin of impurities.
  • Use a face scrub for gentle exfoliation and an illuminating face mask.
  • Add Vitamin C to your skincare
  • Use gel-based moisturizers. Aloe vera gel is ideal for moisturising all skin types.
  • Honey, being a powerful humectant, attracts moisture to the skin. Honey helps to relieve dryness and suits all skin types.


  • Don’t wash the face with soap and water more than 2 or 3 times a day. Alkaline soaps can disrupt the normal pH balance.
  • Don’t leave out sunscreen from your daily regime.


Summer Skin care

While we all love to bask in the glow of a warm summer day, the hot sunny weather can lead to more skin concerns thanks to the build-up of oils and sweat. The goal of your skincare routine for this season should not be ‘tanning’ but to keep your skin cleansed and mattified!


  • Wear high SPF protective clothing that offers excellent sun protection.
  • Use cleansers with a mattifying formula to control to oil and shine while removing impurities. You can even use medicated cleansers like Cetaphilto prevent breakouts.
  • Go for scrubs that will deeply cleanse and unclog pores.
  • Load up on oil-free moisturizers with a high SPF.
  • Feed your skin fresh fruits and salads.


  • Don’t forget the eyes. The skin around the eyes is particularly delicate and needs sun protection as well. Make sure you wear sunglasses every time you step out in the sun.
  • Don’t neglect sunburns. Consult a dermatologist.
  • Don’t skip hydration: Stick to your daily 6-8 glasses of water intake.
  • Avoid, oily, greasy foods.


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