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Monsoon knocks at your door with frizz, tangles, and breakage. Having fun with your hair, and switching them up turns out to be futile especially when the rain washes over you. But the season also brings in a whiff of coziness and romance. Hairstyles that complement occasions like kandabhajia and chai dates, trekking plans, and long walks under an umbrella in soft drizzles are a must. Here are the top five cool hairstyles and haircuts for women that are long-lasting, chic, and help you grapple with moisture and damage.

Layered hair

A layered haircut is perfect for the monsoon season as it requires minimal styling and looks elegant and sharp. You can play with layers according to the length of your hair and these give extra volume and bounce to the hair as well. You can always add bangs to add zhuzh to the look.

Short pixie

The flavour of short pixie is adorable and playful yet trendy. This convenient short hairstyle for women is appropriate not just for the summers but also the monsoons. It can help avoid breakage and unnecessary frizz. You can indulge in different pixie hairstyles such as two-tone stacked pixie bob, cute textured brunette pixie bob, and short pixie cut with angled layers to reinvent yourself this season.

Space buns

Space Buns make for a flexible hairstyle that can have different variations such as low space buns, braided space buns, half-up, and half-down space buns. The hairstyle requires you to divide your hair through a centre parting into two equal divisions; wind hair on one section of the portion into a pigtail while ensuring to pull it towards the top, the backside of your head. And then twist the pigtails all the way down to create a rope. And finally, wrap the rope to make a bun.

Bob haircut

This short hairstyle for women is classy and an appropriate bob cut according to the length and texture of the hair can help you rock the season of frizz. Short layered bob, medium layered bob, wavy or straight, asymmetrical or symmetrical bobs interspersed with right hair products such as  Moroccanoil serum and Moroccanoil spray offers versatility and that perfectly messy look.

Ballerina bun

Whether you are working out or going for an important meeting in the breezy, sticky monsoon season, the Ballerina Bun is an easy and practical way to protect your hair from breakage and keep them out of your eyes. All you have to do for this look is make a high ponytail for a high ballerina bun and a low ponytail for a low ballerina bun. Twist your hair from the base of the ponytail to the end into a rope. Immediately place your fingers in the centre of the bun and start winding the twisted hair around your fingers and secure the bun with the help of bobby pins. Use Sebastian Re-shaper hairspray to give the final touch. And voila!


And why should just women have all the fun! Here’s some cool hairstyles for men to try out this monsoon season too:

Fade haircuts

If you are not up for experimenting too much with your hair, fades are the perfect hairstyle for you. It is edgy, smart, and not showy. You have a variety of fades to choose from with each offering its own look. In a low fade, the hair on the sides taper down. You can experiment with a high-volume top with a subtle low fade or choose to go with a low fade and medium wavy crop. Opting for a high fade comes with its own options like a taper fade, a skin fade, or a bald fade.

Crew cut

A crew cut is a simple, practical, and tidy-looking hairstyle apt for the monsoon season. If you choose to go with a neat and short hair crew cut wherein the hair on the top of the head is trimmed short, it requires no styling and maintenance. But depending on your choice, a crew cut does not have to be short and neat. You can leave some length on top and style it accordingly.

Wet look

Offering its obvious advantages, the look is extremely sustainable and remains unaffected by rain and humidity. All you need is a neat side parting and some good hair gel such as Loreal Strong Gel from JCB Salon to hold your hair together throughout the day.

Short curls with tapered sides 

This style is one of the top looks for those with curly hair. The sides are either faded or shaved, partly shaved slit line or two can also be added to the look. One can play around with the length of the top curls and fades to complement the face cut.

Fringe hairstyle

Messy is the mood of the season, and hence, these long, messy fringe add that oomph factor to your look. From high volume fringe to short fringe to textured fringe, there are umpteen styles to browse from to suit your persona. You can also use Moroccanoil volume shampoo to add that extra volume and texture to the hairdo.

Wondering where could you get these amazing hairdos from? Visit your nearest JCB Salon and you are home!




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