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Monsoons bring the much-needed respite from the blazing summer heat. It cheers up our surroundings and livens up the greenery around. However, what also comes along is hair problems – dandruff, frizz, breakage, and the monsoon hairfall feels much more than a drizzle. Humidity and weather changes are the conditions that affect the hair health severely.

Have you got anxious by looking at the amount of that hair fall on your pillow cover after you wake up in the morning? And have you been trying to switch hair products to get to the right remedy to your hair fall? Yes, monsoon hair problems could be quite confusing and can sully a good hair day. If you are looking for a few easy fixes to incorporate into your hair care regime for healthy hair, we have got you covered.

Hot oil massage

A hot oil massage can work wonders for your hair. It helps in strengthening hair by increasing blood flow to the scalp thus reducing monsoon hair fall problems. This also fixes the damp and frizzy hair. Hairfall due to dandruff can also be controlled with a hot hair oil massage as it moisturizes the dry scalp skin and nourishes it. But remember! Excessive hair oiling can also cause dandruff.

Combing hair the right way

Combing hair when they are wet is an invitation to breakage and split ends as they are the weakest when wet. Always comb your hair after they dry out. Use a wide-toothed comb to gently remove the tangles and knots initially without causing excessive damage.

Deep conditioning hair mask is a must

Applying a hair mask once a week nourishes the hair. The right hair mask revives dull hair and make them softer and smoother by providing extra moisture and conditioning to the hair. Try Moroccanoil Intense hydration hair mask at the JCB Salon – it’s a perfect solution to your monsoon hair problems.

Avoid heating tools

Heating tools can be harsh on hair that are already experiencing damage and breakage due to the monsoons. It is recommended to minimise much usage of heating tools during the monsoon season. And if avoiding the use of heat styling tools seems difficult, a heat-resistant spray enriched with vitamins and nutrients could be the perfect solution to protect your hair.

Pick the right shampoo and conditioner
Shampoo and conditioner habits can make and break your hair quite literally and metaphorically. Using products that are suitable to your hair type and provide the required nourishment can protect your hair from frizz and reduce monsoon hair fall. For instance, sulfate-rich shampoos can remove the essential oils, and hence sulfate-free products is a beneficial pick for your hair and scalp. Additionally, it is important to maintain scalp hygiene, which means a regular wash to keep the hair and scalp clean. This will prevent dandruff, hair fall due to dandruff, and an oily scalp. Yet to try the Loreal Instant Clear shampoo at the JCB Salon. If yes, here’s your solution to detoxify your locks and keep them shiny and radiant throughout the season. Also, it’s always in a combo! Do not forget to apply Moroccanoil Hair Serum after a hair wash to tame frizziness

Follow a proper diet

Irrespective of the season, diet is the most pertinent piece of the convoluted health puzzle and more so in the rainy, humid weather. Eating vitamin and protein-rich food such as salads, flax seeds, sprouts, nuts, fruits, broccoli, and cauliflower, can reduce monsoon hair loss. Additionally, keeping the body hydrated is equally important. Also, water intake at regular intervals is a must; set reminders and take out that one precious minute after every few hours to drink water.

Short hair is a blessing

A short hairstyle is easy to maintain especially during a severe hair fall due to the monsoon season. Regular trims and managing hair length can help grapple with monsoon hair problems.

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