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Remember a time when stepping out meant getting your monthly mani-pedis, waxing, hair trims, and all things beauty in place? We followed a ritual so  religiously, that it became second nature. Unfortunately it all took a nosedive when the pandemic hit –- leaving us with unruly brows, an unkempt mane, and talons that were craving for a little shaping. Going out was a nightmare, let alone heading to a salon and getting anything done.

Thanks to the current situation, stepping out to meet your monthly upkeep needs can sometimes prove to be a little tasking. There was a time when you wouldn’t even consider waxing at home or even doing a hair spa comfortably in your washroom. Why? Because nothing compared to the professionalism of being at a salon.  Thankfully, that isn’t the case anymore. With everyone working from home, everything that was once offline is now online! So why should your beauty regime fall far behind?

Bid farewell to experimenting with unnecessary DIY hacks and long and complicated YouTube tutorials to meet all your beauty needs. Bringing professional salon treatments to the comfort of your home, shopatJCB ensures that all your beauty requirements are met, even on the days you cannot step out. Not only are these home salon services absolutely protocol-safe, but also give you the opportunity to meet all your professional haircare, skincare, and other beauty needs at the click of a finger.

With a variety of salon-professional products available at shopatJCB, you’ll find yourself spoilt for choice.

Haircare: Don’t let your haircare routine suffer! ShopatJCB offers a range of professional haircare products that help you with the daily upkeep of your mane. Take your pick from brands like Olaplex, Moroccanoil, System Professional, and many more. From hair and scalp treatments to tools, you will find all your haircare and styling needs housed under this roof. What’s more you may find some surprise deals too.

Skincare: Your skin needs a daily, weekly, and monthly routine in place! The daily cleanse keeps the impurities at bay, a weekly ritual deep cleanses the skin, and the monthly session makes sure your skin is left with a much needed glow. Get the benefits of all three with skincare products from shopatJCB. With the amazing selection of professional brands available, you’ll get the advantages of a professional grade treatment, on your turf.

Nail Polish: Don’t let those mani-pedis suffer just because you are stuck at home. Take your pick from the range of nail polish colours and textures has to offer. Splash some colour and let your digits do all the talking. Just because you’re homebound, your nails shouldn’t suffer!

Home Fragrance: Book an at-home spa treatment and pair it with home fragrances that’ll set a relaxing ambience. ShopatJCB has a range of candles and diffusers available in different scents to suit your every mood and season. These fragrances will instantly light up your and your home’s vibe.

 Want to get a haircut, but not sure what’ll suit your face shape? Or do you want to experiment with hair colour, but need an expert’s opinion before taking the plunge? Or are you facing hair fall or skincare issues, and need a professional to help you pick out some products? Fret not! Book an online consultation with our in-house experts who will guide the way and help you pick what’s best for you. Taking you through the various options available, these experts will allow you to make up your mind and choose from the array of services and products JCB has to offer.

JCB At Home

What if we told you, you could get that perfect haircut at home? Or get a professional facial while sitting in your bedroom catching up with your favourite TV show? Sounds like a dream, right? Stay safe and groomed with JCB’s at-home services. Whether it’s hair, nails, or other beauty treatments, the at home beauty services have got you covered. With the best safety, hygiene, and health practices, you can get professional salon treatments hassle-free, while you sit back and relax at home.

Who said all the multiple lockdowns have to shut the doors on your beauty needs? Don’t compromise on your style with ShopatJCB.



Book any Keratin Hair Service -Cysteine, Brasil Cacau or QOD for FLAT Rs. 5000/-
Global Hair Color for FLAT Rs. 3500/- Highlights/Balayage for FLAT Rs. 5000/-
*T&C apply
Choose from over 200 L'Oréal & Wella Color shades.
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