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Scheduled a waxing appointment and looking forward to having smooth, fuzz-free arms and legs? However, there’s a downside – waxing is always painful, and when done incorrectly can give you ingrown hairs which can cause much more discomfort and pain. If you’re looking for something that causes minimal to almost no pain at all, you need to look out for peel-off wax, available at your favourite Jean Claude Biguine salon. Yes, you read that right, a waxing process that doesn’t hurt! Here’s the 411.

What is peel-off wax?

As the name suggests, peel-off wax is a wax that is directly applied on the skin and then peeled off.  The wax is first warmed, then applied with a brush and is of a thick, gel-like consistency so that it can be pulled off with ease. Your JCB technician will ensure that your skin feels smooth and silky post hair removal.

Benefits of peel-off wax

 1. Less wasteful

Unlike regular waxing that requires waxing strips or muslin cloths, this requires none which makes it less messy, and less wasteful. This also means there’s less cleanup required post waxing, making it a relatively easier process to opt for.

2. Not painful at all

Peel-off wax is not painful at all. Unlike regular waxing where the hair is pulled with muslin strips, and then compressed to minimize pain, peel-off wax ranks low on the pain factor. If you’re someone who has a low threshold to pain or has sensitive skin, this is the perfect option for you.

3. Perfect for smaller areas

 Hate threading your eyebrows? Looking to get rid of some facial hair? Opt for peel-off wax to shape your brows or get rid of some fuzz around your chin. Peel-off wax coats every strand of hair unlike regular wax that doesn’t catch the smaller, more finer strands of hair. If using it on your face, it also removes visible blackheads and excess sebum.

 How does it differ from roll-on wax?

Roll-on waxing and peel-off waxing are completely different. Roll-on waxing or cartridge waxing as it is more popularly known is when a wax cartridge is inserted into an applicator, warmed for 5-10 minutes and then applied to the body and then wiped off. There’s no sticky residue left behind nor is there any cleanup required for the same.

It can be used for both smaller body parts like the armpits or for full body waxing like legs and hands.  Like peel-off wax, it also ranks low on the pain factor and is relatively less messier compared to regular waxing.

So head over to your favourite Jean Claude Biguine salon, consult with their experts to get a peel-off wax today!



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