6 Things To Keep In Mind When Picking The Right Hair Stylist - Biguine India

Finding the right hair stylist is akin to finding the Holy Grail! After all, it is rare that you get someone who understands what you want, trust completely to give you that perfect haircut and also has your best (hair) interests in mind.

If you’re wondering how to pick the right hairstylist for you, keep these six pointers in mind.

1. Training Is Key

What sets a good hairstylist apart from a sub-par one? It boils down to training. Pick a stylist who has had extensive training in his or her field, and is also well versed with the current hair trends and haircuts. If you’re looking for a colorist, choose someone who has experience with colour trends, and is up to date with new techniques. If you’re looking for someone to do bridal hairstyles, check their body of work to get the right idea.

2. Pick Someone Who Can Work With Your Hair Type

Since we have such diverse hair types, something that works for your best friend who has straight hair won’t work for you who has curly hair or vice versa. You need to find someone who has expertise in working with all sorts of hair types and hair patterns. The same also applies for colorists, are they used to colouring all sorts of hair types? To find out, you can check the salon’s social media handles and also check when doing a consultation.

3. They Offer A Consultation

Communication is key when it comes to relationships and that also extends to your hairstylist. When going for a haircut or hair color, they should and will offer you a consultation to understand what you’re looking for in terms of style or technique. A consultation also lets you know what works best for you based on his or her expertise, after all they also want you to walk out with a smile on your face and spring in your step.

4. Look For Reviews

There’s plenty of salons around each catering to different price points. How to narrow down the right hair stylist and the right salon? Look for reviews on Google and check their social media handles. However, don’t rely on just that, ask for reviews from friends and family and post a consultation zero in on who you would like to be your mane man (or woman). Pun intended.

5. Check Out The Products They Offer

A sign of a good salon is what products they offer and the specialized treatments. Most top salon haircare and skincare brands usually partner with salons of repute. The stylists also are very likely to receive training from these brands to be kept up to speed on the latest trends and will offer cutting-edge treatments. So if you see the likes of Olaplex, Wella Professionals, Moroccan Oil stocked on the shelves at the salon etc you know that they have partnered with a good salon that offers services on par with international salons.

6. Pricing

Let’s talk about the money, honey! Depending on their seniority level, most salons structure the pay scale according to that. If you’re looking for just a blowout or a simple trim, you can rely on a junior stylist, but if you want a haircut, or a specialized hair colour treatment, it is best to rely on a senior or pro stylist who will offer their expertise for the same.

Always remember that JCB hairstylists always, always have your best interests at heart and they know how important a good hair day is to you, so do trust them when it comes to your mane.



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