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Haircuts make or break your look  and getting the right one based on your face structure and hair type can make a world of a difference. That being said, getting a new chop can actually spark a change in your lifestyle and disposition. Which is why after a major breakup many women opt for the ‘post breakup haircut’. Think Selena Gomez who cut her waist length hair for a lob post a breakup with Justin Bieber.  Wondering whether you should go for a bob, lob or keep your hair long? Here’s five pointers to help you decide.

1. Take Your Face Structure Into Consideration

Face shape is a major factor when it comes to getting the right haircut. Whether your face is oval, square, long, heart shaped or round – there’s something for everyone. Your JCB stylist will help you assess your face shape if you’re unsure. Depending on that he or she will pick something that helps flatter and enhance certain features of your face, such as emphasizing your high cheekbones or side-swept bangs to minimize the appearance of a large forehead.

 2. Consider Your Hair Type

Next up whether you’re going for a shoulder length bob or a short one is considering your hair type. After all, no hair type is the same. If you have fine, thin hair you want a haircut that helps make your hair look fuller. Or if you have thick, wavy hair you want a hairstyle that doesn’t look too frizzy post a shower. A consultation with your stylist will help determine what you should opt for. Should you opt for face framing layers?  Or what hairstyle works best  for curly hair.

 3. Your Lifestyle Plays A Part Too

 When opting for a new look, take into consideration your lifestyle. Do you work in a corporate environment that calls for neat, pinned back hair or do you want something that requires minimal effort if you’re constantly on the go and don’t have time to blow dry at home? Consider your daily routine and accordingly discuss what would be the best haircut to opt for. Also remember that using the right hair care products can also help improve your hair.

 4. Consider The Upkeep

Certain hairstyles such a sleek short bob or a shoulder length bob look great but also require maintenance – such as frequent trims. Shoulder length hair is often prone to split and dry ends which require hair spas and trims too – depending on your schedule and your routine, keep the maintenance routine in mind while choosing the perfect hairstyle.

 5. The Weather Also Plays A Role

Whether you’re based in Pune, Mumbai or Bengaluru, the weather plays a huge role when it comes to your hair. Mumbai is more humid which tends to lead to more frizz, so choose a hairstyle that minimizes the appearance of it, while Pune and Bengaluru have drier climates which could cause your hair to look flat and limp.

Lucky for you, JCB stylists are well versed with what works and will help guide you on the right haircut.



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