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Come monsoon, and artists and lovers find their Muse in nature for inspiring creativity. However it may spring up glitches in your beauty regime. Among other things, the monsoon season is particularly harsh on hair and skin. It can lead to bacterial and fungal infections. Just like the rest of the body, the nails also need TLC particularly. Nail care in monsoon is a must-do regime. So while you preen with acrylic nails, go OTT with nail pop colours and polish and snazzy nail art designs, gel nail polish makeovers and fake nails or nail extensions don’t forget the nailcare tips beneath all that glamour. In fact, nail art is also the art of taking care of nails! Dig your nails into these easy tips- the 5 Cs of monsoon nail care and you will breeze through the monsoon with healthy, shiny nails.

Keep the nails squeaky Clean
Grime and grub in your nails is a ready invitation for fungal infections – add monsoon to it and you have a ready recipe for bacterial disasters. The only way out is squeaky clean. Wash your hands regularly and soak them in water mixed with a mild shampoo or with some Epsom salt at least once a week. This makes them stay neat and clean and well-hydrated too! You can also add a drop or two of an essential oil of your choice to the boiled water. Let it cool down to lukewarm temperature and soak your feet and hands in this water for 10 minutes. Once done, make sure to dry your hands and feet properly and apply a skin-appropriate moisturiser.

Keep the nails dry
While a monsoon splash may seem to elevate the spirits, take extra care to keep your nails dry at all times, especially your feet and toenails as they are more vulnerable to damage. The humid and muggy weather causes the formation of dead skin cells and infectious bacteria. Also, try to give fashion a pass and skip wearing closed leather shoes all day long, as it makes a perfect habitat for fungus to thrive. Best to choose open shoes, funky floaters or chappals while stepping out. Give your toes some breathing space!

Put your cleanest foot forward
Opt for comfortable footwear and preferably waterproof footwear that keeps your feet dry. Once you’re back home, cleanse and dry your feet and keep your footwear dry Next, wash your nails with a gentle soap to get rid of the toxins. This can help avoid the birth of infections and fungi that usually is attracted to moisture

TLC for Cuticles
Cuticles protect your nails from bacteria, fungus, dirt and grime. So ensure that you don’t over-trim or completely cut out the cuticles. Do not over-style your cuticle and attack the skin. Be gentle and keep them healthy with cuticle oils. This can help strengthen your nails and prevent them from damage or brittleness.

Use antifungal powder
Add anti-fungal powder to your monsoon nail hygiene regime. Apply it around your toenails and fingernails to prevent an infection. Other options are a generic talcum powder or spray deodorant to keep the fungus away.

Choose the best Nail-Care Products
Monsoon or no monsoon, it’s worthwhile investing in good nail-strengthening creams and moisturizers. A basic hand-cream or even petroleum jelly would work wonders for your nail health. Also, choose acetone-free nail-polish removers, preferably enriched with Vitamin E or other oils. So, next time you remove that chipped nail paint, you actually enrich your nails with vital nutrients.

Visit a Nail Salon
Nothing beats a great manicure and pedicure done by trained therapists at JCB Salon. When it pours , ask for a nail salon near you. If possible, try and make that a weekly one to beat the monsoon nail blues! If you can’t visit the salon, arrange for an at-home mani and pedi service.

Use base coat
While you indulge in that nail colour palette, guard your nails by using a base coat before applying the nail polish, as it will add a protective layer and prevent your nails from getting weakened. And use a good quality nail polish remover- preferably an oil-based one to keep the surface of your nails and cuticles smooth.

4. CUT
Trim Short. Trim Sweet.

Yes you’ve been growing your nail in fancy shapes for the perfect French manicure for this festive season, but it breaks our heart to ask you to keep it short and pretty. Long nails catch dirt and grime easily. And moisture! The moisture and humidity in the atmosphere during the Indian monsoons tend to make nails brittle, and therefore, easily breakable, besides giving space to the bacteria to grow! Best to cut your nails weekly or bi-weekly depending on your growth level. And avoid the fancy nails while you wait for the clouds to clear!

Say ‘No’ to pointed cleaning tools
While self-cleaning nails, it’s best to avoid using long pointy tools for rigorous cleaning under the nails. This can create a gap between the nail bed and the nail, allowing an open invitation to itchy monsoon infections. Instead, you can use a nail brush to scrub your nails gently.

Pack the nutrients

Like hair and skin, your nail health is related to your nutrient intake. It is vital for overall nail health, and even for shiny hair, to drink lots of water throughout the day besides ensuring a daily dose of protein and minerals. While you don’t need to change your diet in monsoons, but you can add health supplements like Biotin, Vitamin E and Omega 3 for the adequate nutrients. Both your hair and nails will require this protein to stay strong and healthy.
Follow these 5 Cs this monsoon and you can be sure of a great nail day, every day, come rain or thunder!



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