Looking for a new hairstyle? Here’s your go-to guide
tips for new hairstyle

A splash of colour or a few bangs. A crew crop or a bob. A new hairstyle is always a boost. You can choose any haircut you want. If you want to wear a pixie, go for it. Love layers? Sure. That being said, there are cuts that traditionally flatter different shapes, and you would miss out if you don’t get a peek into that information. So before you decide to take the plunge and go for the revamp, consider these hair truths as new looks don’t always go as planned.

Nice to spend some time with these tips and you would be ready to head for the salon and flaunt that new style, with confidence.

Your Face Shape

The shape of your face is the most important starting point to choose a hairstyle or a haircut. Have you ever noticed that certain hairstyles look better on some faces? Discover how with this simple list of face shapes and hairstyles to complement.

    • Round Face – If you have a round face, you would want to create height and length. A hairstyle with longer layers will make your neck and face appear more slender. If you’re set on having short hair, don’t do it by halves. A pixie cut will look super smart and will help in adding length to your face. Avoid harsh angular styles, tight curls and thick bangs that all shorten the appearance of a round face.
    • Square Face –A tousled bob works well with a square-shaped face since it emphasizes layers and will de-emphasize squareness. styles that soften a wider forehead and jawline are ideal: “The best hairstyles will soften the edges of the face line with wispy layers, sweeping side fringe, and volume at the crown of the head.” A fringe in some shape or form really suits this face shape, either sweeping across the cheekbones or incorporated in soft layers.
    • Heart Shaped Face – The good side of a heart shaped face is due to the width of the forehead, you have the perfect face for bangs. Adding bangs to hairstyles can be very sexy and playful. Bangs are a great way to conceal a wider forehead. Try little longer bongs on the sides for more in depth framing of the face. Overall, this shape looks great with medium and long length hair. Go for sweeping fringes and tousled curls to fully accentuate the shape. 
    • Oval Face – If you have an oval shaped face then you are blessed with versatility. If you like your hair short, it’s best to opt for a blunt cut or strong lob. Medium and long hair also work with this face shape, while soft, vintage curls add movement.  You can also do great with big hair. Adding volume to the side’s rounds out an oval face by adding width. Volume and length will both enhance your overall features and balance the length.
    • Long face – The wise tip here is to go for hairstyles that have width at the cheekbones to distract from the length. A shoulder-length haircut is the most flattering—somewhere between the chin and shoulders. It helps to create width with waves. Also side-swept bangs help to shorten the face.

If you’re unsure on what your face shape is, consult the best hairstylist who can guide you. It helps to just visit a salon and have a one-on-one chat with your hairstylist who can perhaps suggest the most flattering hairstyle not just based on your face but also your facial features.

Your personality

It’s one thing to choose a hairstyle or a haircut as per your face and features and another to fit the style into your personality. What is the kind of fashion that you subscribe to? Are you boho, classic, chic or funky? Are you reserved, shy or gregarious and loud? Believe it or not, all these impact the kind of hairstyle that would complement your personality to perfection.

The Latest Hair Trends

Browse through a few Instagram accounts- maybe of celebrities to see what’s trending in hair. You may not be an ardent follower but it helps to just keep abreast of the latest on the hair ramp! If nothing else, it can be quite an inspiration before you head out to the salon. It’s especially useful if you are opting for a home salon service. So that you have a ready reference of the look you want.

Once you work your way through these tips, you can plan your visit to the salon. Chances are your look will go as planned!

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