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Ladies sure will agree. So will gentlemen that the most therapeutic place today is the salon. In fact, there couldn’t be a better beauty and mood booster! Today a salon is hardly just the place to get hygiene services done. While they are essentials, one more has joined the brigade of essentials: EQ (emotional quotient). That makes choosing a salon even more significant. 

Consider these must-thinks that go into the selection of the best salon. Be it a hair salon, a spa or both, it makes sense to go through this checklist.


The location of a salon matters most.  Always choose that is either near your workplace or your home. If you drive, then you choose a convenient place that has parking. 


Are you heading out to a hair salon or a spa or both? It’s a good idea to check out the treatment options offered in salons before making that choice. A good Salon would offer a wide range of services including haircuts, hair treatments, waxing, massages, intensive spa treatments, manicure/ pedicures, facials, skin treatments among others.  A known salon will most likely offer home salon services as well. Identifying the available treatment options will also help you in choosing a reliable therapist or stylist. 


It pays to choose a beauty salon that has qualified therapist/ stylists/experts. The knowledge, the recommendations and the final treatments differ vastly when an expert is involved. After all, you cannot leave your hair, skin and body in unqualified hands. Choose quality over cheap services that may offer discounts but come with the disadvantage of unskilled and untrained specialists.


Strike off the salons that do not meet the safety and hygiene protocol.  You don’t want to be spending hours in an unsanitised environment that could pose a potential risk. Whether it is hair cut or other beauty services, a clean salon and spa make for a popular choice. Make sure the space is clean and sanitised, ensure the equipment’s and gadgets are clean and the therapists follow a certain protocol. Visit a salon just to ascertain this key factor before you sign up for a treatment. 


A good salon brand always spreads its aura far and wide. Begin by asking around your family or friends. In the digital era, it is also prudent to scan the social reputation where you will find testimonials and reviews on the internet that will help you shortlist. An unknown salon brand is best avoidable.

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