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Salon Services At Home

We have all gone through days when you don’t feel like stepping out, even if it is to look and feel gorgeous! Even if your tresses are crying for help. Even if your next facial is long overdue.

Well, get the salon and spa at home! If you’re a first-timer in getting salon services at home, fret not. The advantages far outweigh the disadvantages.

Great Time-saver

We are all on a treadmill, given our tight schedules. That leaves little time to spare for salon visits? At-home beauty services come as a savior. Firstly, it saves you a great deal of time and travel. What could be more super-convenient, especially during special occasions, when you can get a makeover from the comfort of your own home, without getting stuck in traffic.

Cozy comfort 
At-home salon services give you the opportunity to put up your feet and unwind while you get pampered and groomed. Do your nails, get a haircut, waxing or a massage while reading a book, watching TV, or lounging lazily in your shorts. Nothing more relaxing than being in your own home environment and getting gorgeous at the same time. Welcome to a personalized haircut salon or a nail spa.

Exclusive attention

At-home services allow you to enjoy the sole attention of the therapist who doesn’t have a long line of waiting appointments. So no rush. No disturbances.  Enjoy exclusivity without any external distractions.


Imagine you have just had a massage and you are in deep relaxation and it’s time to get up and go! At home salon services allow you to savor the relaxation and even snooze off in a deep slumber. That’s the best part of the therapy- post the treatment.

Time-out with BFF

What’s a beauty service without the buzz of chit-chat. With at-home beauty services, you can call your BFFs over, get your hair done, paint your nails, enjoy the mani-pedi services with a little grapevine over coffee.

Enjoy JCB at-home salon services in Mumbai, Pune, and Bangalore.



Book any Keratin Hair Service -Cysteine, Brasil Cacau or QOD for FLAT Rs. 5000/-
Global Hair Color for FLAT Rs. 3500/- Highlights/Balayage for FLAT Rs. 5000/-
*T&C apply
Choose from over 200 L'Oréal & Wella Color shades.
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