8 deadly Nail habits to get rid of
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They say eyes are the window to the soul. We’d like to add ‘nails’. Clean, healthy-looking nails are a must for practising good hygiene and keeping yourself looking your best! We use our hands and nails every day, but did you know that something as simple as forgetting to dry your hands could be causing your nails some serious damage? Nails can also get easily damaged, whether from a bad manicure or just the everyday wear-and-tear of life. 

By following simple nail habits, you can have strong and well-maintained nails that are a reflection of good health. By practising a few simple habits, you can make sure your nails are strong and well-maintained no matter what you get your hands into!

Firstly, it’s important to note that there are certain nail habits that don’t do us any good. Even though you may frequent the best nail salon, our daily habits need attention. 

Make nails work

Have you noticed how often we use our nails as tools? Take oral hygiene for instance. Who needs a toothpick when you have nails? Ever tried to floss your teeth with your nail- Just to pull out the food particles stuck in teeth? There are a zillion bacteria in the nails that can get transferred to the mouth and vice versa. Who knows what you might be eating next!

Have you ever broken a nail doing something like trying to take batteries out of a computer mouse? Or trying to open a lock with your nails? Chances are your nails can get ripped off badly.

Really no use putting your nails through such labour that will only damage them.

Bite Them

Whether in anxiety or just as a bad habit, biting nails is the worst you can do from the hygiene perspective. The germs living under the fingernails get a free entry into your system! Besides, chewing and biting them for an extended period of time can lead to permanent damage in the form of unsightly bumps and ridges on your nails.

Keep them damp

If your hands are constantly damp from swimming or doing something like washing dishes, make sure to dry them right away. Damp environments are an open invitation for fungal growth. 

Snip Cuticles

Cuticles serve an important purpose: to provide a barrier for germs and to seal in moisture. Cutting/ or pulling them out can lead to infection and to dry, weak nails — not to mention that it hurts!

24/7 Polish 

While nail art can do wonders for your nail beauty, keeping polish on day after day can cause nail breakage and stain the nails, leading to damage. It’s a good idea to let them breathe every now and then before the next splash of colour. 

Make do with cheap polish

While you may think there is nothing to a nail polish brand, choosing a good quality nail polish can enhance the health of your nails and save them from long-term damage. That’s why a good nail salon will always house reputed nail polish brands.

Peel Off Polish

We are all guilty of this! When you peel off nail polish, you are peeling off a layer of your nail with it. This not only looks bad, but also will weaken your nails, which can be painful.

Skipping your mani/pedi regime

Who can deny the benefits of consistent manicures /pedicures? Apart from exfoliating dead skin, they also work on the deep tissues to rejuvenate the muscles and nerves that restore well-being. Ignoring the regime can lead to damaged nails and affect the overall health. So, keep that appointment with your nail salon, month after month. In case you can’t make it to the salon, opt for a home salon service. The least you can do for your nails!

Try getting rid of one habit, every day till your nails thank you for it! Choosing the right nail spa/salon is half the battle won. Whether your nail care routine involves the occasional clipping or the weekly manicure, we can all agree that having healthy, great-looking nails is something worth investing in. Time to bid bad nail habits goodbye!

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