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The festive season is here!

Festivals are all about glitter, food, parties, shimmers, and dressing up. Come Diwali, and you start picking out your wardrobe, shoes, and jewellery for the occasion. What you certainly do not want to miss out on is adding some great nail art designs to the festive look.

The feel of your nail manicure should be about the razzle-dazzle, excitement, and glamour of the festival season. If you are looking for latest festival nail art trends, we have curated a list of nail art designs to choose from. While some of these are easy to apply and you can do it yourself at home, some will require specialised hands available at your nearby JCB salon. Scroll on for a creative glimpse.

All that glitters…

Glitter nails are a staple for festivals; you cannot go wrong with this look for your nails; it works well with traditional or western outfits. Solid glitter gold or silver shade, and even rose gold shade look chic. Here are a few designs for your nail art mood board…

#1 Add stripes
Paint your nails with any shade, let it dry, and using a thin brush add a horizontal or vertical line of glitter to create a wholesome look.

#2 Polka dot your way through

After painting your nail with a colour of your choice, add different colours of polka dot glitter stick-on to embellish your nails.

#3 Galaxy 

We cannot talk about glitter nail art designs without mentioning galaxy. This is one of the most popular glitter designs but is not that simple to create. However, your nearest JCB Salon can offer you stars and galaxies on your nails.


Sizzling red

Red is a timeless, versatile, and sophisticated colour for nail art designs. You can choose your favourite shade of red that compliments your skin tone and pair it with glitter, rhinestones, floral designs, and other accessories to give a different dimension to your manicure.

#1 Metallic touch

Start with painting a base coat of your favourite red colour, and then go on to add half-moons, flowers, stripes, and hearts with metallic colour.

#2 Shades of red

Choosing one shade from a pallet can be difficult! So why not try painting your nails with shades more than one. How about picking five shades of the same colour? Each nail gets a different shade creating a simple yet elegant design.

Colourful french tips

French tips are back in style with a contemporary twist and we are here for it. The archaic opaque white French tips have gotten a makeover. Let’s take a look…

#1 Rainbow French Tips

Festivals are all about colours and using lots of colours can make your nail art pop. You can give this manicure a rainbow-coloured twist by incorporating all the rainbow colours for the tips or adding rainbow flowers or waves for the tip.

#2 Solid nail tips

A solid nail colour tip is trendy and edgy but it can further be nuanced by giving it another layer of colour. Basically, a double French tipping it with a combination of two or more solid colours for each tip.


Gel nails

For those of you looking for durable nail art, gel manicures are the way to go. We are obsessed with gel nails because while regular polish chips quickly, gel manicures stay on for weeks. Not just this, gel extensions give more space for experimentation. You can incorporate leopard, and cheetah patterns, add stripes, and half-moon designs, or even try detailed patterns with butterflies and flowers.


Negative space loop

This latest nail art is a true trend and has taken over social media lately, and rightfully so. This nail art incorporates your natural nails into the art and is all about imperfect shapes, lines, swirls, dots, and stripes. You can also add gel nails to the combo to make the nail art long-lasting. The nails can be a reflection of your imagination and personality. So, pick and choose all the colours you like, thin and thick brushes, glitter paints, and get started.

Doing some of these manicures at home can get messy, and look not as classy. Why not visit your nearest JCB Salon? Sit, relax, let the nail artist take over and paint away.



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