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Skin Care

“Winter is coming” and it is only justified to dread the visible threat to human skin – the white walkers of dryness, flakiness, irritation, and cracks.

The transition from humid to cold weather can be harsh to the skin to an extent that some of us suffer from severe rashes, redness, and irritation throughout the season. Relentless moisturisation is not the only ingredient for a proper skincare routine in cold weather.

Hence, it is time to switch things up and embrace a winter-worthy skin routine to pamper your skin. Here are some winter skin care tips to follow for flaky-free skin this winter.

When the winter hits…

Stay hydrated and pay attention to your diet
Half the health battle can be won by eating right and staying hydrated. Eating a balanced diet, devoid of processed foods and sugar, consisting of nutritious fruits and vegetables can prove to be a game changer for your skin health. Regular fluid, vitamin, and antioxidant intake can also keep the skin hydrated and nourished.

Wear comfortable clothes
There is no denying that winter wears look stylish and trendy but at the same time certain fabrics can irritate your skin and cause rashes or redness. Some of us are even allergic to woolly and nylon materials. To escape this irritation, soft fabrics that are loose and comfortable should dominate your wardrobe.

Switch up your face wash
The face wash that was super kind to your skin in summer might not be as effective during the winter season. If your regular face wash causes irritation to your skin, try switching it for a creamy, gel-based cleanser that reduces dullness and subtly adds an extra layer of preliminary moisturization to your skin.

Moisturize, moisturize and moisturize!
A hydrating moisturizer is a weapon that can save your skin from the dry skin spell of cold weather. Applying a moisturizer, at least twice a day, especially after a shower should be your mantra. Also, do not forget to apply a hand cream after washing your hands.

Simmer down the exfoliation
Exfoliation is highly recommended during the summer season as it removes dead cells on the skin and makes it look radiant and smooth. But regular exfoliation of the skin in the cold weather can cause the skin to look dry and flaky. The frequency of the exfoliation is also dependent on your skin type. In case the skin is inherently dry, one should exfoliate gently only once a week. If exfoliation causes dehydration, it is recommended to apply a soft, hydrating mask. A mask with plant extracts and minimum level of chemical ingredients is a great choice.

Remember, lip balm is your best friend
Our lips do not have sebaceous glands and hence cannot produce oils that lubricate the skin on the rest of your body naturally. The skin on the lips is delicate but lip care is often neglected during the winter season – result – flaky and chapped lips. You have a variety of lip balms to choose from – all-natural lip balms, lip balms that contain sunscreen, and much more.

Go grab a sunscreen
We all enjoy stepping out to get our share of sunlight and vitamin D. Winter sun is soothing but exposure to UV rays can still affect your skin and cause skin burn. So do not let your guard down and apply sunscreen even if you are stepping out for a brief period of time. Consult a skin specialist or a dermatologist to know which sunscreen suits your skin best and hold it dear throughout the season.

Take a nice afternoon stroll to your nearest JCB Salon and don’t forget to get everything you need to pamper your skin this winter.



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