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Beauty Essentials

“A woman’s mind is as complex as the contents of her handbag; even when you get to the bottom of it, there is always something at the bottom to surprise you!” — Billy Connolly

A woman’s mind is definitely mystifying and so is her bag. It is like an Aladdin’s lamp, all you have to do is hold the bag, make a wish and rummage through the contents of the bag to find what you wished for. It is a microcosm, a world of its own with its own rules and regulations like dedicated compartments for make-up, accessories, and whatnot.

Your bag can be messy; it can be organised, but believe us when we say that it should have everything any fashionable diva needs to get through the day. Be it office, important meetings, parties, road trips or just a casual outing with your friends the following makeup essentials list is for every woman and her bag.

Skincare essentials

Face cleanser: The one thing you surely need to have in your bag is a gentle facial cleanser that removes dirt, grease, and impurities. Especially if you have to travel for work or you are going for a trip, using a facial cleanser twice a day will help you keep your skincare routine on track and make you feel fresh.        

Sunscreen lotion or a moisturiser: Before stepping out of the house your bag must have a moisturiser or sunscreen that suits your skin and provides the nourishment and moisturisation it needs. A lightweight moisturiser is a good option for oily skin and a water-based one for dry skin to keep the dryness and itchiness away. So, choose a sunscreen or a moisturiser that suits your skin and get ready to take on the world.

Lip makeup products

Long-lasting lipsticks: A long-lasting lipstick with a comfortable feel is your best friend, the ride-or-die you need in your bag. Find a colour that pairs perfectly with all kinds of ensembles and you will have a treasure to carry along. You can choose from subtle brown-based shades or loud red colours or juicy pinks. But long-lastingness is the key because we all want to be saved from the hassle of reapplying it zillion times a day.

Lip balm: Dry, rough, and flaky lips are uncomfortable, which is why the right lip care products are must-have articles for your handbags. This winter season show your lips some love. Carry lip-softening products like lip balms and petroleum jelly in your bag because they deserve all the care and attention they need.


Have you had those days where you skimmed through your entire bag only to find out that you forgot your deodorant at home? That sounds like a nightmare. One thing you do not want when surrounded by people all day long is a funny body odour. Smelling good makes you feel confident as if you can conquer the world. So, find a subtle-smelling deodorant that makes you feel fresh because carrying a travel-size deodorant is a decision you will never regret.

An eyeliner, mascara, or kajal – one or all?

Some of us don’t step out without a swoosh of kajal, others without a winged stroke of eyeliner, a few of us without mascara, and then there is the rest of us who feel incomplete without applying all three eye makeup products. These everyday eye makeup essentials are a no-brainer. Either carry all three or just one of these products to suit your style and choice.

Dry shampoo

Yes, you heard it right – Dry shampoo! It is a recent addition to the hairstyling family and a useful one actually. We all have those days when we cannot take out the time to shampoo and condition our hair, that is when dry shampoo swoops in like a lifesaver. This product reduces oil and grease from your hair without the application of water. You can use it to style your hair after an intense workout session or on days when you cannot wash your hair.

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